Workshop consultation on development of marginalized sections and Union and Delhi Budget

Report on Workshop and Consultations

Institute of Policy Studies and Advocacy (IPSA) organised a consultation on development of marginalized sections and Union and Delhi Budget

Speakers: Jawed Alam Khan, Abdul Rashid Agwan, DR. Waqar Anwar, Dr. Umair Anas

Issues discussed: 

  • In the current budget 2017-18 ,total allocation has not increased in term of GDP
  • No significant increase in the social sector budget allocation
  • Marginal increase in the budget of SC,ST, minorities, children and women
  • Major flagship programmes have seen marginal increase in the budget
  • Delhi Budget have focused largely on education and health
  • Large budget allocation on health and education
  • Inadequacy focus on deprived section in Delhi budget
  • Participatory budgeting at ward level is not happening


  • Increase in social budget
  • Adequate budget on deprived
  • Participatory budgeting
  • Budget monitoring

Topic: discussion on budget for minorities in Union and Delhi government in 2017-18

Topic: Community participation in municipal governance

Speakers: Sajid Anas, Dr. Jauhar, Abdul Rashid Agwan, Dr. Waqar

Discussion points:

  • Salient features of 74th Amendment Act 1993
  • Devolution of fund ,functions and functionaries to urban local government in India
  • Functioning of municipal corporations of  Delhi
  • Status of town planning in Delhi
  • Participatory budgeting in municipal corporation
  • Condition of basic services of South Delhi Municipal Corporation in Okhla


  • Greater devolution of power to urban local government and municipal corporation
  • Strengthening of basic services to poor by south east municipal corporation in Okhla
  • Focus on improving participatory budgeting in Delhi
  • Basic services for urban poor
  • Community monitoring and tracking of municipal budget in Okhla