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With the broad objectives of social change and economic development, the Institute of Policy Studies and Advocacy (IPSA) was established in 2010 in Lucknow. The focus of IPSA has been the analysis of government policies and budgets from the point of view of the weaker and marginalized sections of the society, viz. Muslims, Dalit, Adivasis, women, children, agriculture labors. Further, the findings of the analysis of policies and budgets will be shared with legislature, policy makers, academicians and the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) with the aim of influencing the government policies to ensure a pro poor development.:

The IPSA is being run under the aegis of Social and Economic Welfare Association (SEWA) a registered organisation based in Lucknow and functioning since 2004)

To strive for social change, promoting inclusive development and good governance

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Pre-Budget Consultation

Panel Discussion on The Union Budget 2021